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How it Works
Experts list is available for Standuply users in the Experts tab or via slash Slack command.
1. A person finds the right expert
Standuply users can send video questions to experts or book time to get on a call for a live consultation.
2. A user sends a video question or books a time for a consultation
An expert can answer questions via video message or get on a call with a person at a convenient time.
3. An expert answers the question via video message or gets on a call
When the consultation is complete, an expert gets the payment, and the requester leaves a review.
4. An expert gets paid
You're in control of the price and schedule
Payment Scheme
You set the price
Experts define the price and schedule for video questions and consultations.
Standuply takes a cut
Standuply takes 30% commission from experts' revenue with no additional charges.
Regular payouts
Every month experts get paid via Paypal or Payoneer. More payment options are to come.
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Digital Assistant for Remote Teams
Standuply is a Digital Assistant for Remote teams. It automates the standup meetings, retrospectives, task estimations and more.

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